Noah Stewart

I began shooting competitively for the first time in 2016 and have been hooked since then! I've began traveling to Major matches with fellow Team mates and have met some great folks along the way. I look forward to progressing my shooting ability and helping grow the sport.

Kenneth Kloeppel

Beginning at an early age I've pretty much had an obsession with projectiles.  It started with a BB gun (yes, I still have both eyes), then progressed to slingshots, bows and arrows, blowguns, or whatever I could use to shoot a target or tin cans.  My dad is a accomplished bullseye shooter, so I had a bit of help growing up around rifles, shotguns, and pistols, learning to "aim small, hit small."  Of course I have a tendency to throw his teachings out the window and turn it into an absolute hose fest. 

I got involved in IDPA in early 2013 and was quickly hooked on anything involving action pistol shooting.  Whether it be IDPA, Steel Challenge, Run 'n' Gun, or you name it, I'm there.  Of course I still do skills training at the firing line, but nothing is more fun than breaking down a stage and challenging yourself to hit moving targets and long shots, fast and accurately.  Come out and shoot with us sometime and I'll show you what not to do.

Chuck Stewart

Growing up on a working farm, hunting and using firearms has always been a part of my life. I was convinced to come shoot a match with Joe and like a lot of folks I got hooked too. I look forward to progressing my skills and constantly work on the mechanics of shooting. I love the shooting community and look forward to what is to come!


I have been around guns all my life, but just started competitive shooting in March of 2014. I have always loved competition, and I finally made up my mind to go shoot a match. From the very first match I've been hooked! I now shoot on average 4 matches per month, and am currently ranked Master in Enhanced Service Pistol. I've made some good friends in the short time I've been competing, and look forward to what is in the future. My goal is to help grow the shooting community as well as make myself and those around me better shooters. 
See you on the range,


Shooting has always been a part of my family. My father was on the rifle team at West Point, and I first learned to shoot with the same .22 he learned on as a boy. Growing older I took full advantage of the Post ranges anytime I could get there, as well as competing with my school rifle team. After high school I stepped away from it until several years ago I decided to get a handgun, it didn't take long until my desire to compete pushed me to try IDPA, and then GSSF, USPSA, and Outlaw Steel matches. At this point I am completely hooked on playing with stickers for most of the day and shooting a bit.
With the start of the 2015 season I am really pushing myself to be a better and more consistent shooter, but to never lose sight of the fun and camaraderie of the shooting community.

Team Shooters


Founded in early 2015, Tn Action Pistol began as a group of like minded individuals passionate about shooting sports. We strive to be our best and represent our sponsors in a positive and healthy manner. We promote shooting sports by our actions and leading by example. We are competitive and always strive to be better. We train often and compete in multiple matches each month.
Please take time to visit our sponsors page and take a look at their sites. Without them Tennessee Action Pistol would not be possible. 
We would like to personally thank all those that support us and that come shoot with us. YOU are what makes the shooting community grow.

About our Club